Structural Bracing System

9月 13, 2023

The braced frame is a structural system under the effect of lateral loads by the provision of diagonal steel structure or shear walls for reinforced concrete structure. It is effective structural solution for resisting lateral loads due to the wind or earthquake in civil building and structures because it provides more stable support needed in structures. The stable steel structural parts in a braced frame are made of structural steel usually with good resisting tensile and compressive force. 

     Most of the multi-storey building as nominally pinned connection between column and beam. They are designed to be supported simply and the columns are designed to bear moments in conjunction with the axial force. The designer will not need to consider the pattern load when calculating the column force.

      The beam and column in a multi-storey building are placed in orthogonal pattern in both elevation and plan. Two systems provide horizontal force resistance in a braced frame building.

     Currently, the brace mainly includes vertical bracing and horizontal bracing. Vertical bracing must be designed to bear the force as follows,

       • Wind force

     • Equivalent horizontal force

      Horizontal bracing is required to transfer horizontal force to the vertical bracing plane which provide resistance to horizontal force. There are 2 types as the follows,

       • Diaphragms

       • Discrete triangulated bracing 

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