Installation requirements for space frame

9月 04, 2023

 • Tighten the bolt to the corresponding position to ensure the stability of the bolt and ensure that there is no visible fine seam in the sleeve contact.

• When installing the rod, the bending of the rod shall not exceed the range specified by the corresponding standard.

• The parts and components of space frame that have been installed shall be clean, free of scratches, missing, obvious gaps, and shall not be dented or mis-installed. The corresponding interfaces shall be accurate. If they are mis-installed, they shall be replaced in time according to the requirements.

• The corresponding thickness and quality requirements of the paint must meet the error range specified in the design specification to ensure the chromaticity requirements of the overall space frame.

• The deviation of the node midpoint of the installed space frame structure shall be less than 1.5mm, and the length of the single cone grid shall not be greater than ±1.5mm.

•  After installing all the space frame, the longitudinal and transverse length shall be less than L/2000, and shall not be less than or equal to 30mm. The midpoint offset of the support shall be less than L/3000, and shall not be less than or equal to 30mm.

• The height difference between adjacent bearings shall be less than or equal to 15mm, and the height difference between the high point and the low point shall be less than or equal to 30mm.

• The no-load deflection shall be less than L/800.

• The quality inspector shall prepare the measuring tools such as theodolite, level gauge, steel tape and auxiliary tool cone, steel ruler and etc. for inspection.

• The quality inspection personnel shall stay at the construction site continuously, keep track of the construction situation at any time, make necessary records, improve the corresponding data, report the situation to the quality engineer and other superiors in time, and cooperate relatively and closely.

Civil engineering control of quality for space frame: it is required to place the parts and components in the corresponding position. It can not to be placed randomly, damaged or lose them. Ensure that the surface of the embedded plate is clean and tidy. The axis position, standard height and geometric dimensions are accurate. In addition, it is also required to ensure that the vertical and horizontal length deviation is less than 30mm, the midpoint deviation of the embedded parts is less than 30mm, the adjacent embedded parts are less than 15mm, and the height difference of the corresponding surrounding big embedded parts is less than 30mm.

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