Enterprises examine future industrial co-operation

11月 13, 2023

On Dec. 11, Li Zhiqiang, the President of the Xuzhou Collectors Association, accompanied by Wang Hong, the President of the Artist Enterprises Federation, Xiao Yao, the General Manager of Dianshichengjin Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Qin Zhaoqiang, the Chairman of the Civil Construction Committee, Jia Baoji, the General Manager of Baite Red Wine, Liu Changming, the Director of Zhizhi Garden, and renowned photographer Mei Kangnong, a group of seven, were invited by Sun Yixuan, the General Manager of Huaiyan Maker Garden, to visit and study on the third floor of Huai'an's Commercial Association. Visited the handmade freshly ground coffee shop, banquet living room, conference hall, private room, and entertainment room. Everyone put forward their own opinions and suggestions based on existing resources, combined with Xuzhou's local culture and advantageous industries, served the local customer base, created the "Huaiyan Family" business card, and undertook various company group building, annual meetings, and other activities. Welcome everyone to come and investigate for future cooperation.

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