Construction of Steel Structure Bridge

9月 13, 2023

There are many types of hanging baskets used for steel structure bridges, which should be reasonably selected according to the detailed structure and construction technology of the project in practical construction.

1.1 Type of hanging basket:

1.1.1 Triangular The triangular hanging basket has the simplest structure and the most extensive use planning in engineering projects with significant economic and practical advantages.

1.1.2 Rhombic The structural composition of the rhombic hanging basket is also relatively simple. The primary member is the tension and compression structure, and the anti anchor traveling mechanism is the mutual cooperation between the reverse hanging wheel and the track. Its operating principle and construction technology are the same as those of other types of hanging basket bottoms, but the construction is relatively targeted, and it is difficult to achieve repeated recycling;

1.1.3 Arched The arched hanging basket is connected to various bearing structures with all-round parts, which can reduce the cost of using the hanging basket. It is easier to be disassemblied and recycling to realize the good function of multiple use.

1.2 The construction principle the construction process of hanging basket of bridge engineering steel structure project mainly includes planning, processing, trial assembly, main truss pre-loading , pier shaft construction and pier top beam section construction. Meanwhile, the planning stage is the most important foundation and condition for the smooth construction process. In the practical construction, the hanging basket planning shall follow the following principles:

1.2.1 Minimize the engineering load of the unfinished bridge under reducing the weight of the hanging basket structure.

1.2.2 We should fully integrate and use all the structural features of the hanging basket when carrying out the balanced planning.

1.2.3 Attention should be paid to the problem of section movement at each stage of bridge engineering, such as pouring and steel structure construction, to ensure the safety and reliability of cantilever hanging basket construction, and to effectively improve the construction power of the project.

1.2.4 Enough working space should be ensured in the construction process of the steel structure project, and then make the movement and operation of various construction machinery more convenient and faster.
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